Jälluntofta Camping


Are you interested in fishing and want to get out and try your luck in our lake!

The species of fish in Jällunden are: Perch, Pike, Mört, Gös, Rainbow and Brax.

Stay in a cabin or at the campsite in a tent or caravan. Bring your family, best friends or just have a few days of peace in your own company.


Gekås, Ullared

Have a weekend together with family and friends. Stay in a cabin tex.fredag Sunday. Have a full day at the shopping center that has the most of your needs under the same roof. It takes only 40 minutes from us to Ullared





High Chaparral

We only have 40min to this western park!

Visiting High Chaparral is like stepping into Wild West, as it looked in the 1870s in America. Here are characters, shows and experiences that make your visit exciting, learning and adventurous.

Stay with us and have a family adventure!








Golf courses in our neighborhood

Reftele Golf Course www.reftelegk.com (about 20 min from the campsite)

Ullared Girl GK www.ullaredfladjegk.se (about 1h from the campsite)

Rydö GK www.rydogolf.se (approx 40min from the campsite)

Isaberg Golf Club www.isaberggolf.com (about 50min from the campsite)

Lanna Golf Club www.lannagk.se (about 30min from the campsite)




Mushrooms and berries

Our forests are rich in mushrooms and berries. The campsite is located in the middle of the deepest small country, the forest is right outside the knot.

Lingon, blueberries, kantareller, Carljohansvamp, funnel and other fungus mushrooms are examples of what you can find.

Take a few relaxing days with friends and family. Put on your boots and get out in our wonderful forest landscape.



Open art-studio in Jälluntofta

By art directly from the artist!


Welcome to my open studio.

Here you can by art directly from me.

Contact me for a viewing.

tfn: +46730466578

mejl: silverviken@live.se

Ps. You can find me in the reception at the campsight.


Caroline Skofteröd