The fish types that appear in Jällunden are: Bass, Pike, Eel, Roach, Zander, Rainbow trout and Bream.

The Moose (Alces alces) is the largest of the Cervidae family. The male is referred to as bull, the female as cow. The moose is present in North America, Europe and Asia. In Sweden the animal is sometimes referred to as "The king of the forest".

Brunnsbacka Sawmill
Brunnsbacka Sawmill is an old-fashioned, fully functioning construction where a water driven mill with a frame saw and plane has been kept for posterity.

Tånga flax drying unit
A flax drying unit is a pre-industrial plant where flax is dried during autumn, when there is no longer enough sunshine to allow it to dry outdoors.

Chanterelle picking
With a litte patience there are plenty of these tasty mushrooms to find in the areas surrounding the camping.

Unnaryd folk museum
I Unnaryd & Jälluntofta Folk Museum is a unique collection of hanging tapestries. Creating these works of art is a tradition dating back over 200 years, and here one can find pieces by Johannes Nilsson and Anders Eriksson, both famous artists in their field.