We are an SCR connected campground where camping card is nice to have if you want to camp with us.
This you can buy in our reception, or through the website of the SCR (cost 160SEK)


Jälluntofta camping is a privately owned family campsite located on Lake Jällunden.

The campsite is founded in by Ove Albinsson year 1985 and he still runs it by him self. His daughter Caroline is the site maneger of the campsight.

In the area there are 28 cabins and 64 campsites and many nice tentspots near the lake.

The campground is open all year-round.


Full service from 16 of June - 15 of August
Opening times: 09:00 - 21:00.

Here you can enjoy wildlife and nature.

- Grill cottage for rent cost: 200SEK / half day, or full day 300SEK.

Experience with family and friends:

Bring your family and friends together, make a fire, eat food, be in the nature and spend a full day together. Make this to a wonderful creative day!




- Wood-fired hot tub for rent
- cost 1000 SEK / booking and day in connection with accommodation (wood included). Outsiders drop-in cost: 1200 SEK / bath and day.

Experience with family and friends:

The hot tub takes about 3 hours to fill and heat up. Bring your family and friends together, eat food together in the meantime and spend a full day. Make this a wonderful creative day with good friends.




You can walk in the beautiful surroundings of mixed forests with elk, deer, wild berries and mushrooms.

A few miles from the campsite is the hiking trail, Jälluntoftaleden and it is 12 km long