We are an SCR connected campground where camping card is nice to have if you want to camp with us.
This you can buy in our reception(cost 199SEK), or through the website www.camping.se


Jälluntofta camping is a privately owned family campsite located on Lake Jällunden.

The campsite is founded in by the family, Ove Albinsson year 1985 and he still own it . His daughter Caroline are the site maneger of the campsight.

In the area there are 28 cabins and 64 campsites and many nice tentspots near the lake.

Here you can enjoy wildlife and nature.
A few miles from the campsite is the hiking trail, Jälluntoftaleden and it is 12 km long


The campground is open all year-round.

Caroline and her staff will be here to check you in!


Summertime it is open in the reception.

Full service from 15 of June - 18 of August

Opening times: 09:00 - 21:00.


Wintertime opening hours in the receptionen:

Friday at. 16:00-19:00

Saturday at :10:00-16:00

Sunday at : 10:00-15:00

Other times , call or email if you want to arrive at the campsight.



*Outside temporary daily guests are welcome to visit us on our receptions opening hour to swim, rent a boat, canoe and shop at our reception.

Outside temporary daily guests are not allowed to enter our other camping or cabin areas where our paying guests have rented and paid for their stay.

Our playgrounds and barbecue area are only for our paying guests.

Exceptions are when we are arranging public events.

At disruptive behavior, we have the right to ask people to remove themselves from the area.




- Wood-fired hot tub for rent

Option 1: You take care of heating it up and clean afterwards. Further instructions follow. Cost 800sek The hot tub takes about 3 hours to heat up.

Option 2: We help you heat it up and take care of the cleaning after. Further instructions follow. Cost 1300kr

Experience with family and friends. Bring your family and friends together, eat food together in the meantime and spend a full weekend together.

Make this to somewonderful creative days with good friends

Contact us for more information.


Grill cottage for rent

Cost: 500SEK / for 6 hours or for full day 650sek. You get one sack of wood included in the price

Book at 10.00-15.00 or 15.00-21.00

Experience with family and friends:

Bring your family and friends together, make a fire, eat food, be in the nature and spend a full day together. Make this to a wonderful creative day

Reservations are made by e-mail or contact our reception.